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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this work with any Train code? Amtrak? Renfe? SNCF?

No, it only works with Via Rail Canada’s QR code from their electronic ticket.

Does the pass auto-update if there is a change to my train ticket?

No, the pass is not linked to any of Via Rail’s systems. It is simply a local copy of your electronic ticket, just like if you forwarded the email you received from Via Rail.

If you get a new ticket, simply delete the old pass and scan the new QR code to create a new pass with the updated information.

Where can I find my QR code?

It should be an email attachment with the electronic ticket you received from Via Rail.

I only have my email on my phone. How can I scan the code?

Press-and-hold on the QR code in Mail and select “Copy”. When you switch to TrainScan, it will be decoded and you will be able to generate a pass.

How do I transfer the pass to another phone?

The same way you transfer any pass in Passbook, using the Share Sheet.

Do you keep any information about my pass? What about my privacy?

No, passes are destroyed as soon as they are sent. No records are kept.

More information is available on our privacy policy page.

All traffic to the server is encrypted using 256-bit SSL. Remember that you received the Via Rail ticket by email, which is already less secure.

The pass is merely a convenience to you, a copy of the ticket. You are ultimately responsible for showing the correct ticket to the train agent, should you be asked.